The Donnelly Curse

On the night of February 3, 1880, a vigilante mob killed five members of the Donnelly family in the most notorious mass murder in Canadian history. The mob, led by the local constable and inspired by the parish priest, clubbed, shot, and hacked their victims to death and then set their farmhouse ablaze. 

No member of that mob was ever punished.

At least not in a court of law. 

Instead, the killers face a more terrifying justice that reaches out from the grave to defy distance and time.

From the dense bamboo forests of China to the dark pine forests of Canada, the watery depths of the Great Lakes to the Russian port of Arkangel, Beacon Hill to a remote fire tower in Montana, the relentless horror of Johannah Donnelly’s curse stalks the killers and their offspring.

Using a combination of previously undiscovered documents and spine-chilling eyewitness accounts, this gripping novel exposes a frightening new history of the Donnelly murders and the haunting consequences that followed. 

The Molly Parsons Mysteries

Foggy Sunset

A juicy murder mystery is just what Molly Parsons needs to distract her from the contentious job of campaigning for sheriff of Sunset County.

Fifty years ago, an unspeakable evil stalked the halls of the Pine Academy and terrorized its students. Now that horror has returned leaving a series of brutal murders in its wake. Someone is determined to see that vengeance will be done—at any cost.

In her most gripping case, Molly Parsons chases a vicious killer through a fog of secrets and lies that threaten to rip apart an entire community.

Bloody Sunset

After barely surviving her last case, Molly is looking forward to nothing more than kicking back and enjoying the Independence Day weekend.

Unfortunately, a murderer has other plans.

Dark Sunset

Although the pretty little town of Sunset, Michigan, is called paradise by tourists, growing up as the daughter of a crackpot religious fanatic, Molly Parson’s childhood there was hell. When she finally escapes Sunset, Molly swears she will never return.

The Rip & Wilma Hits

Double Tap

Get ready for more Motor City mayhem as Detroit’s most outrageous contract killers return for another nasty and hilarious caper.  

When Rip and Wilma are hired to find the killer of a state senator, the job should be easy—especially since they’re the ones who killed him in the first place!

Hair Trigger

Peace, love, and understanding don’t appear in the lexicon of professional killers Rip Hunter and his partner Wilma. They have their own set of rules. It’s what’s made them successful for the past fifteen years and, more importantly, what’s kept them alive.

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